I am a human being and not a computer!

I recently saw, on LinkedIn, a post from someone who said goodbye to ABN AMRO, after three and a half years. As external project manager he renewed ABN AMRO's web application together with a team of 45 people. Coincidentally, I am both a private and a business client of ABN AMRO. Since we are always working on developing ‘smart tools’ at Digitect, I can not withstand the urge to view the user-friendliness and error-sensitivity of their site critically. And so I have seen how the site behind the ‘log in’ has been addressed in recent years. However, some very basic functions (such as copy and paste) are still missing. Also the system makes errors when applying the date selection. This makes it complicated to close the administration of our company easily. How can it be possible that a project manager and a team of 45 people overlook this?


App alert tax service!

Carefree living without VAT fines? How amazing would that be! However, many entrepreneurs sometimes forget to submit or pay VAT on time. Reason enough to use a nice piece of existing technology to send potential defaulters a simple reminder when it is VAT time, once again. That is probably what they had been thinking when the tax authorities came up with a real VAT Alert app.  App-Alert!