Audit Data Collection Standard for Customs

The ISO Audit Data Collection Standard (ADCS) is an international standardization initiative of the International Standards Organization (ISO) for standardizing the data required for the financial audit.

Last autumn Dutch Customs and Digitect defined an extension to this standard.




2020 version of EC-Design packed with new functionality

In the first quarter of 2020, Digitect will deliver a new version of the EC-Design modeling tool. In the past six months, Digitect has been able to realize many functional wishes of users and improvements in performance. F.i. generating Java Classes.



Logius praises ebMS3 research

The Netherlands can continue to use the ebMS2 protocol as the basis for transaction messages with guaranteed delivery. Logius can draw a reassuring conclusion after research in which the consultancy branch of Digitect was actively involved. As administrator of the Digikoppeling standard, Logius praised the research work.




Van Basten guest speaker at ISO / PC 295 meeting China

Digitect-director Frans van Basten was guest speaker at the end of October at the plenary meeting on Audit Data Collection of ISO / PC 295 in Hangzhou, China. He did so at the special request of the NEN norm commission. This body represents the Netherlands in setting a worldwide standard for data exchange from accounting and ERP systems. As an audit file expert, Van Basten demonstrated how modeling tool EC-Design can bridge the diverse interests of countries and companies to come to such a standard.